Avicenna Laser Foot Therapy

We consider the Avicenna AVI HPLL-12W Class IV High Power Laser to be the gold standard againt which all other therapeutic lasers are measured. It is the world's most powerful continuous therapeutic laser. We've worked with Avicenna lasers in the past. We and our patients have found them to be reliable and painless while yielding no side effects.

According to Avicenna, the  AVI HPLL-12W Class IV High Power Laser has the ability "to deliver outcomes when all forms of traditional medicine, be it drug therapy, physical medicine or surgery have failed."

Avicenna's state-of-the-art laser is a preferred non-invasive option to surgery, prescription medicine, and a regimen of injections.

If you have additional questions about the effects and results of laser foot therapy, please call us and we'd be happy to answer them with you.

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