Podiatry Reviews


My first visit to Dr. Rubin was in March of 2011. I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and a heel spur in my right foot. He acturally showed me the heel spur in the digital x-ray which was pretty amazing. I was then told that I needed to be fit for custom orthotics because my foot structure needed proper support. Dr. Rubin tried a series of injections which eased the pain temporarily. The pain was so bad that there were mornings that I had to hop to the bathroom. Since I wasn't responding, I decided to try Shockwave Therapy. I felt I was too young to continue to have this pain. On my follow-up visit 2 months after my final treatment, the pain was very close to non-existent. I was on my way to being pain-free! When I was first evaluated by Dr. Rubin, my plantar fascia measured more than 5mm and the diagnostic ultrasound machine. It now measures 3.2mm which Dr. Rubin has explained to me is close to perfect.

Fran M-G.


Dr. Rubin, thanks for making me pain free. I am a recreational softball player who has been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for the last 5 years. Dr. Rubin treated me with a series of injections which worked well in my right foot but my left foot did not respond the same way. Dr. Rubin suggested E.S.W.T. (Shockwave Therapy) for my left foot since the pain was getting severe to where I couldn't get out of bed in the morning without collapsing in pain, especially following games. I chose to have the Shockwave Therapy and couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Rubin performed 5 painfree sessions in the convenience of his office and felt the difference immediately. I am now completely pain free and gearing up for another softball season.

Frank Arena
New Rochelle, NY


For around a year I had heel spur pain that didn't want to go away. I went to other foot care specialists, which didn't do me any good. I needed to change my doctor. I called Certified Foot Care and made an appointment which was the best move I could have made. After a few Shockwave therapy sessions my heel pain went away. I would highly recommend Certified Foot Care (Dr. Mitchell Rubin).

John D.
Mamaroneck, NY



I had great success with the High Power Laser Therapy that I did with Dr. Rubin for my Plantar Plate injury under the ball of my right foot. It had been bothering me for 6-8 months and nothing seemed to work. Dr. Rubin performed 8 laser treatments and I was healed. I was able to return back to playing competitive basketball and I am pain free.

Rick S.



Hi Dr. Rubin. I just wanted you to know that I have seen a remarkable difference in the swelling of my feet and ankles. You finished the laser treatments about a month ago and I continue to follow your advice regarding the compression socks. Thank you for taking such an interest. I continue to recommend you highly.

Jody G.
New Rochelle, NY

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