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Children’s Custom Orthotics

Children's orthotics may be needed to support their foot growth and development. However, knowing when to seek the counsel of a podiatrist is vital. Typically, before the age of three, concerns related to a child's gait naturally resolve as their muscles and foot structures mature. In these early years, orthotics are seldom necessary, and simple shoe adjustments or exercises may suffice. Yet, specific signs should prompt consultation. For example, flat feet can lead to joint pain and posture issues, warranting attention. Likewise, if a child's feet point inward or outward, it is crucial to address this to prevent long-term muscle imbalances and mobility problems. Some foot deformities, such as hammertoes and bunions can be corrected with orthotics if addressed promptly. Abnormal shoe wear, recurring foot pain, and rapid fatigue during physical activities can all indicate underlying foot problems. In most cases, custom foot orthotics effectively address these concerns, facilitating proper development without pain. If you have any questions about your child's foot health, it is suggested that you make an appointment with a podiatrist for professional guidance.

If you are having discomfort in your feet and would like to try orthotics, contact the foot specialists from Certified Foot Care. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are inserts you can place into your shoes to help with a variety of foot problems such as flat feet or foot pain. Orthotics provide relief and comfort for minor foot and heel pain but can’t correct serious biomechanical problems in your feet.

Over-the-Counter Inserts

Orthotics come in a wide variety of over-the-counter inserts that are used to treat foot pain, heel pain, and minor problems. For example, arch supports can be inserted into your shoes to help correct overarched or flat feet, while gel insoles are often used because they provide comfort and relief from foot and heel pain by alleviating pressure.

Prescription Orthotics

If over-the-counter inserts don’t work for you or if you have a more severe foot concern, it is possible to have your podiatrist prescribe custom orthotics. These high-quality inserts are designed to treat problems such as abnormal motion, plantar fasciitis, and severe forms of heel pain. They can even be used to help patients suffering from diabetes by treating foot ulcers and painful calluses and are usually molded to your feet individually, which allows them to provide full support and comfort.

If you are experiencing minor to severe foot or heel pain, it’s recommended to speak with your podiatrist about the possibilities of using orthotics. A podiatrist can determine which type of orthotic is right for you and allow you to take the first steps towards being pain-free.

If you have any questions please contact our offices located in Larchmont and Brooklyn, NY . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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